Why B2B Companies Are Unsuccessful at Content Marketing & SMO ?

The B2B companies have started realizing that the buying process of their customers has been changing, and this change is being triggered by the rise of social media over the years. The internal communication and the tasks have started becoming dependent on the digital platforms. However, there are many reasons as to why the companies are still failing at content marketing and social media.

No strategy

‘Strategy’ is the most used word in the world of business today. Strategy helps you to change your goals into plans and helps you to fulfill those goals. When an organization is planning to start its B2B social media efforts, it needs to concentrate hard and form a concrete plan about how it wants to achieve its targets and what can be achieved, keeping in mind the resources available.

No consistency    

Lack of consistency is a major problem in B2B social media. If you are planning to start B2B social media for three months and then decide whether you want to continue or not, then you should not think about it at all. You need to influence multiple decision makers in B2B social media, and the cycles of sales are really long. So it is very important to start the business with a long-term plan in mind. You need to have a mechanism to have a look at all the responses at regular intervals.

Focusing on technology

In B2B social media, you need to focus a lot on technology. You should make sure that the people you are hiring are so passionate about technology that they can talk for hours based on a single topic of technology. However, you should also keep in mind that all of your target audience would not be keeping an interest in technology. Technology is one part of your business; you need technology as a tool to make your business grow. A good business is all about having a solution to all your business problems. There are many companies who go too far with their passion for technology and forget to convince people by saying how technology in their company can help their customers to deal with the hassles.

Choosing the platform incorrectly

In B2B social media, a highly active social platform with a huge user base may not be the perfect platform for your business. You will always have to keep education in the front and not your emotion. Concentrate more on building thought leadership rather than putting more efforts on creating a blog. It is more important to solve the problems of your consumers than just talking blindly about the greatness of your service or product.

ROI misconceptions

B2B companies always have the tendency to take the meaning of ‘R’ in ROI as revenue but actually, the ‘R’ in ROI, stands for returns. You must know what, how, and when to measure, in order to achieve the desired ROI from your social media efforts.

No synergy with the sales

There is a tight bond in B2B organizations between sales and marketing, and they need to work in alignment and not in isolation.

Your company should have a strong online presence because ultimately both in B2B or B2C, the thing which is most important is that you need to connect with your customers. So, apart from avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, you must also never commit the blunder of thinking that in the online world you don’t need to face people.

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