Saletify is the fastest growing Social Media Marketing Agency in PuneWe develop exclusive content and build an emotional connection with the audience. Social Media is a platform where you interact, socialize, and build your community. We help you convert your customers become your brand advocates.

Each project has a team of experts in SMM: strategist, content manager, editor and advertising manager in social networks. It’s including:

  • Strategy Development
  • Competitive and Marketplace Research
  • Social Media Brand Expansion
  • Ad Managemet
  • Community Management
  • Contest & Promotions
  • Content Creation
  • Conversion Optiomization

Benefits for your business

Increases Brand Awareness
Support for the formation of the company’s image or brand using the multimedia capabilities of social networking
SMO allows you to get feedback from potential and real customers to improve the quality of services
Increases Audience Loyalty
Formation of user confidence in the brand, product, company, achieved through the interaction within the social network
Base of Potential Customers
SMO allows you to build a base of potential customers for further conversion into real customers

Work Process

Research of Social Networks
Strategy Development
Launch of advertising campaign
Analysis and conclusions

Social Media Marketing is not the future of implementing a systematic and result oriented marketing scheme, it is the present. With over 50% of the internet population preferring communication on social media, social media branding has become a necessity and most businesses are adhering to this trend, but the important question is – are they doing it right?

At Saletify, our social media management team focuses on developing relevant, new fangled strategies that not only aim to exploit the existing trends, but also pave new and innovative ways of giving our clients’ businesses an identity that is relatable to all levels of the target audiences. Keeping this aim of building a distinct identity, our social media management services also include thorough research on competitors, making sure our clients always stay two steps ahead when it comes to expanding their social media brand.

Unlike regular advertising, social media advertising is a science of its own. Social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are private spaces for every user. No one encourages the presence of direct ads deeming them to less than half a second of attention. The greatest trick that an efficient social media advertising agency like ours play is exploiting this user tendency by making them view ads in such a manner that they don’t even feel like it is an ad, it is to them what we make it be – interesting content.

We at Saletify, take the saying, ‘Content is King’ to an elevated level by creating our social media content with flavors of interact-ability, share-ability and most importantly, worthy of being consumed and registered in the minds of the user.

Social media for business can be a great boon when done right. Ad management is our forte as our creative team thrives on spending hours formulating better ideas to make an ad ‘click’. They are thankful for the fact that their passion for creatively presenting ideas and content in a polished manner adhering to the relevant subject matter. Be it developing contests or online polls, our team of social media buffs are guaranteed to give your business an online presence with a sheen, making it the best way for your business to manage your community of customers while simultaneously making sure that customer conversion is being optimized. This is ultimately the main way for the social media marketing team to ensure a healthy return on investment.

Search engine is picking up the suggestions of its users especially from social media platforms on a highly basis. And as a Social media marketing company we have to be aware of these ongoing updates in the world of SMO. Saletify, which comes among the top SMO companies in pune, is spreading its client network very strongly across pune and outside pune also. Our best SMO services will help you in flourishing your business online in the world of digitalization which will eventually help us too, to prove ourselves as the best SMO agency in Pune.

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