How To Promote Your Business With Hashtags

If you have used social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc then you must have been familiar with hashtags(#). Though used by all of us, only a few know the exact way of using them. Do you know using trending Hashtags effectively can help your business grow tremendously? Well, if not then don’t worry. In this article, we are discussing everything about Hashtags that you must know to help your business reach a peak.

Looking Back at History

Hashtags were used for the very first time on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), which later continued on twitter chat. IRC is nothing but an earlier version or precursor of a social site just like we use in today’s time. 

Nowadays, Hashtags for digital marketing are very popular on twitter. Almost every day some of the other twitter trends are being created. If you observe the way Hashtags are used in these chats, you can easily demystify how marketers create and use them to set a new trend. 

A Single word or more? – How long should be a hashtag?

Generally, there is as such no rule that limits the use of a number of words in the hashtags. The basic thing one needs to remember while creating a hashtag is – it should be attractive, easy to recognise and impactful. For this, you can either choose a single word or can include a group of words. For example – #digital for a single word and #digitalmarketingpune for a group of words.

Three ways you can use Hashtags effectively.

Though there are various ways of using Hashtags, they can be categorised into three common types depending upon their use. 

First, brand hashtags that you must have commonly seen used by the popular brand to market their products. For example- KitKat often uses #Haveabreak. Many users across the globe tweeted the hashtag while sharing their experience of having Kitkat. Soon it became a trend reaching the peak.  These types of Hashtags are mainly used by companies to market their new product and create awareness about their brand.

Second, campaign hashtags are quite similar to brand hashtags yet different the way they are used for. Though created for the purpose of branding, campaign hashtags are created for a particular event. For example- #skinfit is a campaign run by Medimix with respect to their new campaign which targets healthy skin as a 2020 New Year resolution.

Third, trending hashtags are created to reflect a particular idea, liking or awareness. For example – #australiabushfires was recently trending across the globe to highlight the impact of climate change in Australia that burnt almost half of the country. Around 500 million animals were killed in this fire. This hashtag soon became trending to create awareness about climate change and the situation like Australian bushfires. Another example is #bigboss that we all must be aware of. This hashtag is one of the trending tags on twitter along with other like #supportasim #sidnaz etc. Almost every day some new hashtag is created in support of the show impacting the overall popularity positively. 

So, if you own a business, blog, website or a company don’t fear to use hashtags. All you need is to know how to use them correctly and everything else is set. We hope this article must have helped you to know some of the tricks. So, what are you waiting for? Try using hashtags to grow your business and set new trends but don’t forget to tag us.

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